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Attorneys at the law firm of Corsiglia McMahon & Allard have earned a national reputation for representing victims of child molestation and childhood sex abuse. It is our goal to turn child molestation victims into survivors. As a result, our child molestation attorneys ensure that victims are able to address the lifelong impact of child sex abuse.

Award Winning Representation of Child Molestation Victims

Due to our outstanding results, we are called upon to represent sexually abused victims in numerous high-profile sex abuse cases. Our child molestation attorneys just concluded a trial against the Evergreen Elementary School District and the O.B. Whaley Elementary School. Four sexually abused children received a total of $15 million. This settlement will help them address the lifelong child molestation damage they face due to the school district’s negligence.  Learn how the courts protect child molestation settlements.

Our child molestation attorneys may be able to help you or your child if you have been abused by a teacher or educator, a priest, or an athletic coach. We can also help if a school, a church, or an athletic organization knew about, covered up, or did not act on previous complaints against your predator.

Our Personal Commitment to Hold Child Molesters and Enablers Accountable

Childhood molestation is a serious and, unfortunately, secret problem in this country. One in three girls and one in six boys will be sexually abused before the age of 18. Additionally, over a third of all sexual assaults involved a victim who was under the age of 12. As a result, our child molestation attorneys are committed to increasing awareness of childhood sexual abuse and helping keep our community safer. Institutional negligence allows predators to gain the trust of young children and perpetrate their horrific acts of molestation. For this reason, lawsuits compel these institutions to clean up their policies and procedures, safeguarding our children from harm.

In representing victims of USA Swimming coaching molestation, the law firm of Corsiglia McMahon & Allard forced the United States Olympic Committee to centralize and standardize background checks across all Olympic sports, thereby affecting the safety of approximately one million athletes.

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In a lawsuit, our experienced child molestation attorneys sue predators and their enablers for compensation for emotional and/or physical damages. Consequently, we help victims and their families seek justice against the child molester and/or those who cover up for child molesters. For a free consultation and a confidential evaluation with experienced child molestation attorneys, kindly call 866-433-6797 or 408-289-1417. You may also fill out the case evaluation form to the right. We’re ready to help.

Corsiglia McMahon & Allard is a nationally recognized law firm in San Jose, California. We provide aggressive representation by compassionate attorneys for molestation victims in the San Francisco Bay area, or anywhere in California.