Barry Dugar Arrested for Abusing Kennedy High Students

Barry Dugar, a convicted sex offender, has been arrested after Kennedy High School students made accusations against him.

Contra Costa County prosecutors have filed ten counts of molestation, accusing Barry Dugar of performing sexual acts and soliciting sex acts for money along with allegedly showing minors pornography.

Authorities say that Dugar ran a group home near Kennedy High and nearby Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary School and that four teenage boys came forward accusing Barry Dugar of performing sexual acts and soliciting sex acts for money.

School district officials tell the media that Barry Dugar was listed as a guardian to numerous students. He attended practice and study sessions and sports events in support of those kids. Officials state that Dugar did not serve as a volunteer, coach, or tutor.

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This information is provided by the San Jose, California law firm of Corsiglia McMahon & Allard, a law firm representing victims of child sexual abuse.